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Report: Presidents

         Description: American Presidents we are related to.

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# Full Name Noteworthy
1 President John ADAMS  2nd POTUS; signed the Declaration of Independence 
2 President John Quincy ADAMS  6th POTUS 
3 President George Herbert Walker BUSH   
4 President Grover CLEVELANDPresident Grover CLEVELAND  22nd & 24th POTUS 
5 President Millard FILLMORE  13th POTUS 
6 President William Henry HARRISON  9th POTUS, for only 31 days 
7 President Abraham LINCOLN  16th POTUS 
8 President Barack Hussein OBAMA   
9 President William Howard TAFTPresident William Howard TAFT  27th POTUS 
10 President Zachary TAYLOR  12th POTUS