My Old Dead Relatives

Our extended family genealogy


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. American Revolution Ancestors who served both American and British during the American Revolution. Also includes ancestors who provided service to the American cause. 
2. Ancestors Born Today A list of people born on the current day. 
3. Ancestors Serving Our Country Our ancestors have served in every US conflict, sometimes on opposing sides. Each one has a story to tell. 
4. Cause of Death People die for many reasons. Listed are the ones we know about. 
5. DNA Linked Ancestors links confirmed by DNA 
6. Immigrants to the New World List of ancestors who immigrated to America from another country. 
7. Interesting Ancestors Ancestors with interesting lives. 
8. Kissing Cousins In the early days of our country, the population was not as wide or diverse as it is today. It was not uncommon for families to intermarry because there were few options or to keep the wealth within the family. More surprising are distant cousins who don't realize they are related. Some cousins have multiple common ancestors. The degree (first, second, third cousin, etc.) indicates the minimum number of generations between either cousin and the nearest common ancestor; the remove (once removed, twice removed, etc.) indicates the number of generations, if any, separating the two cousins from each other. Half cousins share only one ancestor. 
9. Occupations A list of all known occupations 
10. Presidents American Presidents we are related to. 
11. Royalty and Nobility A list of royal or nobel ancestors.