My Old Dead Relatives

Our extended family genealogy

Malden, Middlesex, MA



Latitude: 42.4250964, Longitude: -71.0661630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAIR, Bertha H.  11 Sep 1912Malden, Middlesex, MA I422
2 ATKINSON, Helen  Malden, Middlesex, MA I40749
3 ATWOOD, Abigail  Dec 1662Malden, Middlesex, MA I39961
4 ATWOOD, Elizabeth  Aug 1669Malden, Middlesex, MA I39962
5 ATWOOD, Elizabeth  19 May 1700Malden, Middlesex, MA I39955
6 ATWOOD, Mary  Jan 1656Malden, Middlesex, MA I39959
7 ATWOOD, Oliver  Apr 1671Malden, Middlesex, MA I39960
8 ATWOOD, Philip  Sep 1658Malden, Middlesex, MA I39950
9 ATWOOD, Rachel  Aug 1653Malden, Middlesex, MA I39958
10 ATWOOD, Rachel  15 Nov 1691Malden, Middlesex, MA I39954
11 ATWOOD, Sarah  13 Apr 1689Malden, Middlesex, MA I39953
12 ATWOOD, Susanna  1 Feb 1686Malden, Middlesex, MA I7009
13 BLAKE, Deborah  10 Nov 1644Malden, Middlesex, MA I38798
14 BROUGH, Margaret  Malden, Middlesex, MA I35467
15 CLARK, James Madison  8 Aug 1880Malden, Middlesex, MA I412
16 CONARY, Joanne Frances  24 May 1932Malden, Middlesex, MA I58
17 DAME, Albert Henry  15 Aug 1860Malden, Middlesex, MA I706
18 DAME, Chester Harold  26 Jan 1895Malden, Middlesex, MA I36074
19 DAME, Clarence Edward Jr  5 Jul 1910Malden, Middlesex, MA I91
20 DAME, Clarence Leader  30 Apr 1861Malden, Middlesex, MA I85
21 DAME, Col Hartley Fuller  26 Dec 1908Malden, Middlesex, MA I90
22 DAME, Lawrence Raymond  30 Apr 1901Malden, Middlesex, MA I10587
23 DAME, Mary Ella  29 Oct 1912Malden, Middlesex, MA I60
24 DAME, Percy Melvin  21 Nov 1881Malden, Middlesex, MA I87
25 DAME, Verna Frances  2 May 1934Malden, Middlesex, MA I423
26 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  4 Jan 1865Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
27 FORD, Olive Chandler  1 Feb 1904Malden, Middlesex, MA I36639
28 HIGHTON, Prudence  2 Oct 1867Malden, Middlesex, MA I36072
29 HILLS, Dorothy  13 Apr 1667Malden, Middlesex, MA I40760
30 HILLS, Ebenezer  1660Malden, Middlesex, MA I40757
31 HILLS, Elizabeth  1661Malden, Middlesex, MA I40758
32 HILLS, Hannah  20 Mar 1657Malden, Middlesex, MA I40756
33 HILLS, John  21 Mar 1632Malden, Middlesex, MA I40766
34 HILLS, John  16 Mar 1666Malden, Middlesex, MA I40759
35 HILLS, Joseph  19 Oct 1655Malden, Middlesex, MA I40755
36 HILLS, Joseph  3 Jul 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I40762
37 HILLS, Mehitable  1 Jan 1641Malden, Middlesex, MA I40771
38 HILLS, Rebecca  20 Apr 1634Malden, Middlesex, MA I40767
39 HILLS, Samuel  Abt 1651Malden, Middlesex, MA I34561
40 HILLS, Samuel  16 Dec 1669Malden, Middlesex, MA I40761
41 HILLS, Sarah  14 Aug 1637Malden, Middlesex, MA I40769
42 HILLS, Steven  1 May 1636Malden, Middlesex, MA I40768
43 PEMBERTON, Deborah  1668Malden, Middlesex, MA I4890
44 PEMBERTON, John  Abt 16 Feb 1647Malden, Middlesex, MA I38797
45 SKINNER, John  5 Apr 1673Malden, Middlesex, MA I40091
46 SMITH, Gilbert Leroy  23 Apr 1911Malden, Middlesex, MA I428
47 SMITH, Mildred Edna  30 Oct 1907Malden, Middlesex, MA I426
48 SMITH, Willard Dexter  6 Mar 1909Malden, Middlesex, MA I427
49 TEAL, Henry Theodore  31 Aug 1821Malden, Middlesex, MA I12228
50 TUFTS, Abigail  6 Dec 1733Malden, Middlesex, MA I40834

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rachel  28 May 1676Malden, Middlesex, MA I39993
2 ATKINSON, Helen  Bef 10 Nov 1662Malden, Middlesex, MA I40749
3 ATWOOD, Philip  1 Feb 1700Malden, Middlesex, MA I39956
4 BATCHELDER, Rachel  5 Feb 1673/4Malden, Middlesex, MA I39957
5 BLAKE, Deborah  6 Mar 1680Malden, Middlesex, MA I38798
6 BRUCE, Rev Charles Emerson  8 Jan 1899Malden, Middlesex, MA I30047
7 CHIPMAN, Lydia  2 Mar 1729/30Malden, Middlesex, MA I21964
8 CLARK, Rose  23 Mar 1650Malden, Middlesex, MA I40751
9 ENSLIN, John Christopher Fredrick  12 Jan 1899Malden, Middlesex, MA I4211
10 FOLSOM, Ann  23 Oct 1867Malden, Middlesex, MA I246
11 GORDON, Charlotte Maria  16 Nov 1948Malden, Middlesex, MA I23157
12 GROVER, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1688Malden, Middlesex, MA I39952
13 HILLS, Ebenezer  Abt 26 May 1727Malden, Middlesex, MA I40757
14 HILLS, Elizabeth  ? Malden, Middlesex, MA I40764
15 HILLS, Elizabeth  29 Jun 1698Malden, Middlesex, MA I40758
16 HILLS, Gershom  Bef 1721Malden, Middlesex, MA I40770
17 HILLS, Hannah  30 May 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I40756
18 HILLS, James  ? Malden, Middlesex, MA I40765
19 HILLS, John  28 Jul 1652Malden, Middlesex, MA I40766
20 HILLS, John  1690Malden, Middlesex, MA I40759
21 HILLS, Joseph  ? Malden, Middlesex, MA I40755
22 HILLS, Joseph  19 Apr 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I32854
23 HILLS, Mary  25 Nov 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I40763
24 HILLS, Mehitable  Jul 1652Malden, Middlesex, MA I40771
25 HILLS, Rebecca  16 Jun 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I40767
26 HILLS, Sarah  14 Aug 1637Malden, Middlesex, MA I40769
27 HILLS, Steven  Bef 1638Malden, Middlesex, MA I40768
28 MINSHALL, Sarah  1688Malden, Middlesex, MA I21966
29 PALMER, Lizzie Grace Holt  4 Mar 1945Malden, Middlesex, MA I2391
30 PEMBERTON, John  Abt 1691Malden, Middlesex, MA I38797
31 PUTNAM, Mary  Jul 1758Malden, Middlesex, MA I6401
32 SALIE, Alfred M.  13 Nov 1987Malden, Middlesex, MA I23202
33 SMITH, Hannah  11 Jul 1674Malden, Middlesex, MA I40754
34 SPEAR, Olivia B.  26 Jul 1874Malden, Middlesex, MA I409
35 STOVER, Capt Newton  4 May 1889Malden, Middlesex, MA I44463
36 TURNER, Avis Lottie  11 Jul 1974Malden, Middlesex, MA I23191
37 TURNER, George Washington  5 Mar 1961Malden, Middlesex, MA I23190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TURNER, Mildred Annie  Malden, Middlesex, MA I23201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAIR, Bertha H.  1920Malden, Middlesex, MA I422
2 DAME, Clarence Edward Jr  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I91
3 DAME, Clarence Edward  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I88
4 DAME, Clarence Leader  23 Jun 1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I85
5 DAME, Isabelle Wright  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I92
6 DAME, Leader Nelson  1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I3905
7 DAME, Mary Ann  23 Jun 1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I84
8 DAME, Mary Ella  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I60
9 DAME, Richard Francis  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I93
10 DAME, Richard Francis  1940Malden, Middlesex, MA I93
11 ENSLIN, John Christopher Fredrick  1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I4211
12 ENSLIN, John Christopher Fredrick  1880Malden, Middlesex, MA I4211
13 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
14 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  1900Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
15 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  1910Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
16 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  1920Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
17 ENSLIN, Susan Louise D.  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I418
18 FULLER, Edwina Bradley  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I118
19 MAIN, James Melbourn  1910Malden, Middlesex, MA I671
20 MAIN, James Melbourn  1920Malden, Middlesex, MA I671
21 MAIN, James Melbourn  1930Malden, Middlesex, MA I671
22 SPEAR, Olivia B.  23 Jun 1870Malden, Middlesex, MA I409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FORD, Olive Chandler  1904Malden, Middlesex, MA I36639
2 FORD, Olive Chandler  1910Malden, Middlesex, MA I36639


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLARK / DAME  1879Malden, Middlesex, MA F44
2 CONARY / KIRK  16 Sep 1918Malden, Middlesex, MA F27721
3 DAME / BYRON  1942Malden, Middlesex, MA F51
4 DAME / ENSLIN  24 Dec 1885Malden, Middlesex, MA F45
5 DAME / SPEAR  6 Aug 1856Malden, Middlesex, MA F1379
6 DAVIS / RICHARDS  30 Jul 1902Malden, Middlesex, MA F346
7 IRISH / TURNER  Feb 1924Malden, Middlesex, MA F7797
8 KIMBALL / PEMBERTON  22 Dec 1686Malden, Middlesex, MA F13149
9 MAIN / ENSLIN  24 Oct 1906Malden, Middlesex, MA F242
10 SALIE / TURNER  14 Oct 1922Malden, Middlesex, MA F7796
11 WHITCOMB / FOLSOM  30 Nov 1865Malden, Middlesex, MA F470