My Old Dead Relatives

Our extended family genealogy

London, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.6438044, Longitude: -0.1471826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hosanna  Abt 1590London, Middlesex, England I1453
2 Margeria  Abt 1304London, Middlesex, England I12826
3 ADDICOTT, Joane  Abt 1594London, Middlesex, England I39178
4 ASHPOOLE, Joanna  1548London, Middlesex, England I40517
5 ATWOOD, Agnes  1618London, Middlesex, England I39970
6 ATWOOD, Henry  1620London, Middlesex, England I39971
7 ATWOOD, Richard  26 Jun 1584London, Middlesex, England I39984
8 ATWOOD, Stephen  1616London, Middlesex, England I39969
9 ATWOOD, Susanna  26 Jul 1575London, Middlesex, England I39978
10 ATWOOD, William  1622London, Middlesex, England I39972
11 BAGSHAWE, Elizabeth  1588London, Middlesex, England I40221
12 BASCOMBE, Bertha  24 Feb 1510London, Middlesex, England I23699
13 BRABROOKE, Richard  1613London, Middlesex, England I35029
14 BROCKWAY, Wolston  1 Jan 1638London, Middlesex, England I39088
15 CALVERT, Dorothy  18 Aug 1608London, Middlesex, England I10512
16 CALVERT, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1609London, Middlesex, England I10513
17 CALVERT, Francis  1612London, Middlesex, England I10515
18 CALVERT, George  8 Jul 1613London, Middlesex, England I10516
19 CALVERT, Grace  5 Feb 1612London, Middlesex, England I10514
20 CALVERT, Helen  1615London, Middlesex, England I10517
21 CALVERT, Henry  8 Mar 1618London, Middlesex, England I10518
22 CALVERT, John  31 Jan 1619London, Middlesex, England I10519
23 CALVERT, Leonard  21 Nov 1610London, Middlesex, England I10511
24 CECIL, Sackville Arthur  16 Mar 1848London, Middlesex, England I10237
25 CHENEY, Richard  23 Jan 1566London, Middlesex, England I43543
26 CHENEY, Richard  25 Jan 1595London, Middlesex, England I43541
27 CHENEY, William  8 Nov 1592London, Middlesex, England I43545
28 CLARKE, Elizabeth  1629London, Middlesex, England I4880
29 CLARKE, Margaret  1589London, Middlesex, England I40519
30 CLINTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1585London, Middlesex, England I43400
31 COX, Sir Isaac  Abt 1590London, Middlesex, England I34871
32 COX, Isaac  1650-1655London, Middlesex, England I5701
33 COX, Philip  Abt 1620London, Middlesex, England I5702
34 DAME, Colby  7 Aug 1894London, Middlesex, England I354
35 DAME, Loring  May 1896London, Middlesex, England I355
36 DOWNING, Susan  Abt 1621London, Middlesex, England I35034
37 ELPHINSTONE, Lt Col James Drummond  4 May 1788London, Middlesex, England I39315
38 FOX, John  1626London, Middlesex, England I38687
39 FURBER, Lt William  1614London, Middlesex, England I4879
40 GIBBONS, James  Abt 1614London, Middlesex, England I4240
41 GIBBONS, Rebecca  1620London, Middlesex, England I33375
42 GOVE, Edward  1630London, Middlesex, England I33844
43 GRAVES, Dorcas  1685London, Middlesex, England I36350
44 GREEN, John  Abt 1630London, Middlesex, England I44257
45 HAMBLEN, Hannah  Abt 1638London, Middlesex, England I4416
46 HANSON, Thomas  1586London, Middlesex, England I30994
47 HOGUE, Betty Susanne  23 May 1535London, Middlesex, England I15133
48 HOLLAND, Joseph  1587London, Middlesex, England I33900
49 HUSSEY, Sir William  1443London, Middlesex, England I43786
50 JENKES, Elizabeth  Abt 1502London, Middlesex, England I39497

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDICOTT, Joane  18 Apr 1683London, Middlesex, England I39178
2 BAGSHAWE, Elizabeth  1648London, Middlesex, England I40221
3 CALVERT, Lord Cecilius  30 Nov 1675London, Middlesex, England I10510
4 CALVERT, Lord George  15 Apr 1632London, Middlesex, England I10508
5 CAVENDISH-BENTINCK, Cecilia Nina  23 Jun 1938London, Middlesex, England I39321
6 CHENEY, Richard  29 Jun 1625London, Middlesex, England I43543
7 CLINTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1680London, Middlesex, England I43400
8 COTTON, Mary  Abt 1625London, Middlesex, England I10391
9 COX, Sir Isaac  1695London, Middlesex, England I34871
10 CROFT, Margaret  1529London, Middlesex, England I39517
11 FOSTER, Sir Thomas  18 May 1612London, Middlesex, England I34974
12 GASCOYNE-CECIL, Marquess James Edward Hubert  4 Apr 1947London, Middlesex, England I10243
13 HICKS, John  1607London, Middlesex, England I18069
14 HICKS, Mary  14 Sep 1619London, Middlesex, England I18074
15 HICKS, Richard  1611London, Middlesex, England I18071
16 HICKS, Sarah  24 Feb 1618London, Middlesex, England I18070
17 HICKS, Thomas  23 Apr 1604London, Middlesex, England I18068
18 HOWSE, Hannah  16 Feb 1636London, Middlesex, England I44365
19 HUCKER, John  1616London, Middlesex, England I39177
20 JENKES, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1558London, Middlesex, England I39497
21 KEVELIOC, Hawise  Bef 19 Feb 1243London, Middlesex, England I43399
22 LATHAM, John Lee  14 Sep 1592London, Middlesex, England I23700
23 McKINLEY, Katharine  Abt 1727London, Middlesex, England I36194
24 NEVILLE, Dorothy  23 Mar 1608London, Middlesex, England I10081
25 NEVILLE, Sir John  2 Mar 1543London, Middlesex, England I44220
26 OFFLEY, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1615London, Middlesex, England I43544
27 REVELL, Emme  1614London, Middlesex, England I44284
28 RICH, Hugh  11 Jan 1567London, Middlesex, England I39505
29 RICH, Lord Richard  1568London, Middlesex, England I39496
30 RICH, Robert  27 Feb 1581London, Middlesex, England I39499
31 STANDISH, Elizabeth  1576London, Middlesex, England I39516
32 STANDISH, Robert  1539London, Middlesex, England I39518
33 THROCKMORTON, Hannah  28 May 1664London, Middlesex, England I19952
34 TILDEN, Joseph  1642London, Middlesex, England I5254
35 WINSLOW, Edward  1630London, Middlesex, England I16298
36 WOODCOCK, William  12 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England I40685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GOODALE, Ann  22 Oct 1622London, Middlesex, England I7006


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / JOHNSON  26 Jul 1797London, Middlesex, England F11587
2 CHENEY / LOVELACE  Abt 1449London, Middlesex, England F30670
3 COOKE /   1498London, Middlesex, England F30580
4 COX / GRAVES  Abt 1703London, Middlesex, England F1508
5 DAME / DORR  27 Oct 1892London, Middlesex, England F141
6 HAMBLEN / SCOTT  19 Apr 1632London, Middlesex, England F1598
7 HICKS / WINSLOW  London, Middlesex, England F7038
8 LATHAM / BASCOMBE  12 Jun 1532London, Middlesex, England F7963
9 LATHAM / HOGUE  30 Jun 1555London, Middlesex, England F7517
10 POTTER /   Abt 1607London, Middlesex, England F3556
11 SMITH / CLARKE  22 Feb 1611London, Middlesex, England F28421
12 WIGGIN / WHITING  11 Jul 1633London, Middlesex, England F1079