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Old Dead Relatives

The story of our family is the story of the United States. Among the first settlers to the new world, from battles and wars to science and aviation, our ancestors have participated in many significant events in our country's history.

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Learning about the everyday lives of those who came before us is the most interesting part of gathering a genealogy.

Early settlers

  • Originally from Cheshire, England, John Damme settled in Dover, NH in 1633.
  • Thomas Conary immigrated from Ireland and settled in Deer Isle, ME. All the early New England Conary's are his descendants.
  • John Folsom and Mary Gilman, both from distinguished families, immigrated for religious reasons, producing many notable descendants.
  • Mary Baily was a survivor during judgmental Puritan times.


  • Conaire Mor - The old saying "Every Irishman has a king or queen for an ancestor," might be true for our family. The Conary line is said to descend from Conaire Mor, the "Peace King", who traces his line back to Adam and Eve. View his remarkable lineage.
  • Kissing Cousins - It was not uncommon for cousins to marry, keeping the wealth within the family.
  • Grandma's House - an essay.

Dame-True Garrison House

The Dame Garrison House in Dover, New Hampshire
Built by our 16-G grandfather around 1670 to protect his family from hostile attacks.

The SS Orland

The SS Orlando
The boat on which our Swedish ancestors left Sweden on their journey to the United States.


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Many of our ancestors joined the military, some on opposing sides.

James Nesmith, born in Ireland, was at Bunker Hill and served with Col Johnny Stark.

Conrad Cuntramann (Countryman) was acknowledged by Ripley's Believe It or Not for having 26 sons and grandsons serving in General Washington's army. Another son, Jacob, was a Tory.

Samuel Staples had been married twice and had 11 children and several grandchildren when the British soldiers arrived in Kittery, Maine. Samuel was in his 60s. The British grabbed him and forced him to serve on a war ship. He must have been more trouble than he was worth because he was shot and thrown overboard, never to see his family again. This enraged the community and many young men in the area joined General Washington's forces, including 2 of Samuel's sons.

Reuben Sutton joined Union forces on 30 Mar 1865, saw the closing of the Civil War, including at least 8 battles, Lee's surrender, and Lincoln's assassination. He was killed after 38 days of service.

Joshua Staples served 6 years 2 months in the Revolution as a private and a corporal,including the brutal winter at Valley Forge. He was well-thought of and served honorably. His discharge was personally signed by General Washington and he received the Badge of Merit.

James Allen and Ebenezer Eddy answered the call from Paul Revere at Lexington and Concord.

During the Civil War, Moses Friend Long was mortally wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg, William Meade Dame fought heroically for the Confederacy. Peter Fort Countryman enlisted when Lincoln called, but was sent home after 3 months with severe diarrhea.

George Dame was a Loyalist and fought on the British side during the Revolution as a Lieutenant of the 8th Regiment of Foot. He lost his home in New Hampshire and his possessions when they were confiscated by American forces, but at wars end he was granted 3,000 acres in Bertie, Ontario from the King. His cousin, George Dame was rewarded by the Continental Congress for providing aid to the Continental army.

Deborah Sampson fought during the American Revolution disguised as a man.

See Ancestors Serving Our Country" for a list of all military-related ancestors.


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